Help us filling surveys for Ride2Rail project

The Ride2Rail project aims to develop solutions and tools that will facilitate the efficient combination of ride-sharing and scheduled transport services such as bus and rail. We would be happy if you could help us in collecting information on traveller behaviors when planning a journey.

You can fill one of these two surveys, or, if you have enough time, both:

Ride-sharing survey

We review one of your usual journeys and we plan it together again by using ride-sharing and public transport, to understand your motivation, potential constraints and reasons for using such services.


Choice criteria survey

We review one of your past journey investigating the travel choices you made in order to understand your needs and preferences, and to explore any additional support you would have liked to receive.


It should not take you more than 10 minutes for each questionnaire, and of course you can withdraw at any time. Furthermore, during the compilation you will try our innovative chat-mode survey for a smooth and lighter experience. Enjoy your conversation with  Coney!

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