Libor Lochman

DAC CSEE ambassador/former CER Executive Director
DACcelerate, Czech Republic

Using his expertise gained from 15 years working in Brussels Dr Libor Lochman advises the Central European railway companies of the EU affairs. He has been Executive Director of the Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies (CER) 2012–2020. Born in 1963 in Czechoslovakia, he graduated at the Transport University in Zilina and has a doctorate in electronics from the West-Bohemian University Plzen. Libor Lochman has a strong background in Control-Command and signalling systems. Prior to his role as CER Deputy Executive Director and leader of technical affairs (2007-2011), he acted as director of the Railway Test Centre, a facility for testing European rolling stock, infrastructure and signalling components, in Prague (2000–2005).