Martin Kolovratník

Member of Parliament
Chamber of Deputies – Parliament of the Czech Republic, Czech Republic

Martin Kolovratník graduated from the Jan Perner Transport Faculty – University of Pardubice and he is a transport expert. In his capacity as Vice-Chairman of the Committee on Economic Affairs, he is responsible for the development of high-speed railways in the Czech Republic. He is the organizer of the traditional International Railway Conference in Pardubice. He stood at the birth of Český rozhlas on social networks (Facebook, Google+, YouTube) and was the main pioneer of live Skype calls from abroad to live broadcasts. He shares in the support of liberal ideas, on the political centre he identifies himself as leaning slightly to the right, he confesses the support for the idea of an efficient state and austerity. Thanks to the support of the citizens, he became a deputy of the Parliament of the Czech Republic in autumn 2013 and he was able to defend this mandate in the 2017 parliamentary elections.