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Introduction of a new media partner – International Railway Conference UARail & Partners

Press release of the Х International Railway Conference UARail & Partners
Infrastructure and Rolling Stock


The IХ International Railway Conference UARail & Partners «Infrastructure and Rolling Stock» will be held from June, 2020 in the Odessa, Ukraine.

The Conference organized by the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, PC “Ukrzaliznytsia”, branch «Research & Design-engineering Institute of Railway Transport», Scientific & Technical Society of Railway Workers of Ukraine on the initiative of the Information Agency “Information Center of Transport of Ukraine”.

Official media partners are the International technical & economic magazine «Ukrainian Railway», the International professional magazines «Lokomotiv-Inform” and «Car Fleet» (Ukraine), the Center of transport strategies (Ukraine) and the International magazine «Railvolution» (the Czech Republic).

The Conference will be attended by the heads of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, PC «Ukrzaliznytsia», as well as railways and leading institutions of the railway industry of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Great Britain, China, Sweden, Poland, Germany, the USA, Spain, the Belarus Republic, the Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, France and other countries.
The chairman of the Conference is the director on engineering and technical support of Ukrzaliznytsia Gregoriy Boyko.

The Presidium included the director on infrastructure of PC «Ukrzaliznytsia», a representative of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, deputy head of the Belarusian Railway, the director of the branch “Research & Design-engineering Institute of Railway Transport» of PC «Ukrzaliznytsia.

The railway infrastructure and rolling stock are still investment-attractive segments of the transportation industry. Moreover, this trend has the potential to be relevant in the next years. The reason is the growing need for construction and modernization of infrastructure and rolling stock.

The X International Conference isintended to promote the further development and strengthening of all-round interaction, cooperation between manufacturers and consumers, attractive projects implementation of the development of railway infrastructure and rolling stock in the countries of close and far abroad.

The aim of the Conference is to search for proposals and establishment of technical and economic cooperation with relevant domestic and foreign enterprises to support and restore infrastructure facilities and rolling stock based on public-private partnership and mutual benefit.
Discussion by participants of the declared subjects will be carried out in two directions and consists of four sections each:


  • Support and maintenance of railway infrastructure of Ukraine (track facilities, automation and telemechanics systems, power supply) in current conditions as a component of traffic safety.
  • New directions and attractive development projects of railway infrastructure and logistics, experience in implementing of technical and organizational solutions of European countries.
  • Cooperation of state and private enterprises on improvement of infrastructure conditions at the stage of restructuring the railway facilities of Ukraine.
  • Facilities management of railway tracks, communication and electricity at the stage of reformation the railway industry and extension of high-speed traffic.


  • Operation and maintenance of railway rolling stock
  • Overall repair and modernization as the way of upgrading and maintaining the reliability of tractional and non-tractional passenger and freight rolling stock, as well as providing the safety of transportation process.
  • Innovative solutions in locomotive, train car, passenger and suburban facilities, as well as organizational basis and practical mechanisms of their implementation
  • Management of locomotive, train car, passenger and suburban facilities at the stage of restructuring the railway industry.

About 150 people will participate in the Conference. Round table meetings will be carried out. More than 30 reports and presentations as well as innovative developments for railway transport will be provided. The reports abstracts included in the Official Catalogue of the participants published to the Conference beginning.

All information about the Conference you can find at the website:
Media contacts: Tatyana Mykolenko, mob.: + 38 (067) 576-51-91

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