Trends of railway interoperability and standardization, Session 2

The IRFC 2022 conference is going to take place from 5 to 7 October 2022 – roughly in the middle of the Czech Presidency of the EU Council. It is therefore going provide an opportunity to partially assess whether the Czech Republic’s priorities for transport, and especially for rail, have been set correctly within the Presidency. One of the Czech Republic’s priorities is, among other things, rail interoperability and standardisation, a topic that could open a discussion on the completion of the Single European Railway Area. What interoperability means for the development of rail, how it helps and where it brings possible obstacles are the topic of Session 2 – Interoperability and Standardisation, which is moderated by Josef Doppelbauer, Executive Director of the EU Agency for Railways.

The session is divided into 3 topics:

– TSI revision cycle 2022 – its importance and implementation

– New generation of ERTMS – vision or reality?  

– Digital Automatic Coupling (DAC) – challenge for freight transport

These are the topics which are going to be the main focus of ERA presentations. The European ERTMS Coordinator Mr Matthias Ruete and Cyrille Guyon from ERMEWA are going to speak on the much discussed topic – Digital Automatic Coupling (DAC) – a challenge for freight. There is also going to be a presentation on the FRMCS Concept and AŽD as one of the founding members of Europe’s Rail JU is going to indicate whether ERTMS is the ticket to the world of advanced traffic management technologies.

A major benefit of the conference is that representatives from all areas of the rail sector are going to be able to discuss in one place.             

The moderated discussion is going to then give room for any additional explanations and answers to questions from the audience.  

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