Boris Leštinský

Head of Department for Movement, Transport and HNS, Logistics Division
Ministry of Defense of the Czech Republic, Czech Republic

Colonel Boris Leštinský, born in 1960, is a graduate of the Military Faculty of the University of Transport and Communications in Žilina, specializing in military railway transport. In the course of his career he has held many positions in the Czechoslovak Army and the Army of the Czech Republic related to military transport. He was deployed twice to foreign operations, namely Operation SFOR in Bosnia and Herzegovina (2002) and ISAF in Afghanistan (2006-2007).


  • (1986-1999): Regional Office of Military Transport Olomouc, where he was appointed to various positions after graduating from VF VŠDS up to the head of the railway transport department;
  • (1999-2000): Directorate of Logistics and Medical Support Stará Boleslav, with responsibility for deployment of ACR units abroad;
  • (2000-2002): National Movement Coordination Centre (NMCC) in Prague, where he participated in ensuring of transport of ACR units abroad and alliance units through the Czech Republic;
  • (2002-2005): Joint Forces Command HQ Brunssum (NLD) NATO Headquarters, member of the Logistics Section of the Headquarters;
  • (2005-2008): Support and Training of Forces Command Stará Boleslav, Crisis Management Department;
  • (2008-2011): Deputy Head of the NMCC Stará Boleslav;
  • (2011-2014): Allied Command Transformation Staff Element Europe SHAPE (BEL), at Headquarters, he was responsible for strategic transport of alliance members capability planning;
  • (2014-2018): Deputy Head of the NMCC Stará Boleslav;
  • (2018-2021): Head of the NMCC Stará Boleslav;
  • (since 2022): Head of the Department of Military Transport and HNS, Logistics Section of the Ministry of Defense.

Currently he is fully dedicated to problems of military transportation in relation to NATO and the EU. COL. Leštinský is actively involved in the realization of host nation support for foreign forces. He speaks fluent English and Slovak.